Benefits of Pilates & Yoga


There are some similarities between Pilates and Yoga. They are both breath-based discipline, they engage both mind and body, and they have movements that look alike (or “pose” as it is called in yoga). The difference is Pilates is more of a physical therapy exercise while Yoga is more on the spiritual well being.

If you are looking for flexibility, relaxation and calming your mind, then Yoga is for you. But if you want to tone, have a whole-body conditioning and corrective exercises, then Pilates is definitely for you.

Some Benefits of Pilates:

  • Better balance and coordination
  • Prevention and treatment of Back Pain
  • Strengthen core stability
  • Increase your flexibility and stamina
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve Posture

“In ten sessions you will feel a difference, in twenty you will see a difference, and in thirty you will have a whole new body”- Joseph Pilates.

Some Benefits of Yoga:

  • Calms and relaxes the nervous system
  • Releases tension in your limbs & energizes
  • Helps you focus
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Increases feelings of happiness

“Calming the mind is yoga. Not just standing on the head” – Swami Satchidananda